Are you sure, that you’re sure?


So, let me be the first to say this…

I am perfectly CLEAR on what my assignment is… That is to service women who have already made the confession in Jesus Christ as the Son of the Living God and received salvation over sin and Hell through His shed blood.  It is to move them closer and deeper in their relationship, responsibility, and expectation in God.

However, there are some of you who were compelled to this ministry (service), but you are not sure that you are saved.

You have not yet confessed with your mouth, or believed in your heart that Jesus Christ:

  • Is God who was wrapped in flesh
  • was born of a virgin
  • offered Himself as the payment to God for our sin (Yep, God offered Himself to Himself for us so we could have a relationship with Him)
  • was killed on a roman cross
  • was buried in a tomb that was guarded and secured
  • rose from the dead with ALL power in His hand (He defeated death and Hell – for YOU and me!)
  • walked the earth and showed himself to people after His resurrection
  • ascended in to Heaven where He is ALIVE right now and seating at the right hand of God
  • sent His Spirit (Holy Spirit) to teach and guide the world into the Truth of God through Christ
  • will return again to receive all who believe in His Sacrifice of Love and we shall be WITH Him in paradise.

Sounds wild, right?  Yes,  I know.

However, as you’re reading this, I have already prayed that the Holy Spirit will penetrate your heart and compel you to receive the gift of salvation, BY FAITH!

Nope, you don’t have to do anything else accept believe that Christ’s death on the cross satisfied the sin debt that you could not pay yourself.  No amount of GOOD DEEDS will save you from Hell. (The place of eternal torment for those who have refused the sacrifice of Christ)

God, the Creator and Sustainer of Life and Universe, is Holy.  In fact, He is Holy Other.  He is neither male nor female.  His Ways are not like ours.  His Thoughts are not like ours.

He is God and God ALL BY HIMSELF.  He is not His creation. He is God who is all knowing, ever-present, Loving, Righteous, Incredible, Magestic, Heavenly Father, Jehovah, Adonai, Mighty God, Counselor, ….. (Oh brother… I can go on and on) — HE IS MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF —-

He is EVERYTHING you could ever need or hope for!!!! 

And in order to commune with such a Holy God, the issue of sin (unholiness) MUST be dealt with.  You cannot get around it.  The part of you that you inherently KNOW is out of order, has been reconciled by Christ’s death on the cross.

I won’t bog you down with a whole lot of theology.  I will allow the Holy Spirit to do what He does. And that is draw to accept this by FAITH.

And you SHALL BE SAVED!   (Romans 10:9)

Once you’ve done that, I can walk with you further… But you must get this piece first!

Take what you need and leave the rest for someone else!

Love Dee. ❤


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