Answer these 7 Questions below to determine if you struggle with forgiveness:

  1. Are you a woman of God who is holding a grudge against someone who offended you?
  2. Are you tired of carrying the burden of resentment and ready to lay it down so that you can walk closely and deeper with Christ?
  3. Are you expecting, hoping, or waiting for someone who wronged you to apologize to you?
  4. Do you desire to forgive and forget, but just don’t know HOW?
  5. Have you tried to pray the emotional bruising away, but you still feel the residue of a painful experience?
  6. Is your broken heart is hindering you from living a life of JOY, Love, and ABUNDANCE in Christ?
  7. Do you still carry the weight of the hurt and bruises caused by someone who “should have” loved/protected you?
  8. Are you tired of carrying the burden of resentment and ready to lay it down so that you can walk closer and deeper with Christ?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are INDEED struggling to forgive.

You, along with millions of other Christians, battle with the issue of forgiveness.  That’s why I put together this free eBook that will help you better understand what forgiveness REALLY is and how you can experience God’s best through it!


“7 Secrets to Forgiveness”

Listen, one of the biggest misconceptions about forgiveness is that it’s a FEELING!

Forgiveness is not a feeling, it’s a choice.  It’s a conscious and deliberate decision to choose to walk away from  the hurt and pain, and move UP to life of peace, joy, and abundance in Christ.

We have heard the saying “Forgive and Forget”… But no one has truly outlined exactly HOW TO do it.

sad woman

What do you do with all the hurt and emotional bruising that comes with heart break?

Where does it go?  Do you just pretend that it’s not there?  Should you supress it?  Cover it???

How do you just “let go” of the pain of the past?

It was through the healing process of my own past hurts that I found the answers to all of these questions.  When I got clear on HOW TO forgive, my life fast tracked to peace and abundance.

In fact, I am able to REJOICE over all of the hurtful things that I had experienced! 

Seriously, I am truly grateful for my wounds!!!!

It is through forgiveness that I was able to enjoy a better marriage, friendships, business prosperity, and just plain ‘ole HAPPINESS!

Listen, I know… The pain is REAL!… and so are the consequences of NOT letting go of the past!

I’m going to be straight up and honest with you… Your relationship with yourself, others, and GOD will NOT be at their best until you DECIDE to forgive.  You will continue to see the world through your broken heart. 

You will continue to punish yourself for stuff that WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!

You will keep sabotaging good relationships and blessings that God is placing in your path, because your heart is too wounded to receive all the GOOD THINGS HE HAS IN STORE FOR YOU!

Sister-friend, IT’S TIME!  It’s YOUR TIME to heal, forgive and BE SET FREE from the wounds of your past so that you can walk in the NEWNESS of LIFE!!!!

Click here to download

“7 Secrets to Forgiveness”


This report will give you what you need to get started to FINALLY let go of the pain of the past and walk BOLDLY into your destiny with Christ.

These are the very same truths that I’ve used to let go of the pain of BETRAYAL, ABUSE, and feelings of inadequacy.  They worked for me and they will ALSO work for you. 

No longer do you have to remain a prisoner to the thoughts of your past…  Here’s your opportunity to walk FULLY and JOYFULLY in the newness of life,  leave all the hurt and pain at the feet of God and embrace the JOY, FREEDOM, and PEACE that is offered to you through Christ. 

If you don’t make the intentional move to download this FREE 10-page Special Report and learn the steps to apply the principles, chances are you are will always be bound to the hurts of your past. And that’s not cool!  That is NOT the Will of God for your life!

Take the case that this is your sign that now is the time to TRULY learn HOW TO forgive and put the old story to REST.  You’ve outgrown it… The “old story” doesn’t fit you anymore.  And you can’t take the residue of it with you in your PURPOSED DESTINY!


“7 Secrets to Forgiveness”

Don’t get it twisted, praying and believing God is one thing, but learning and implementing His principles is something totally different.  YOU have a role in this forgiveness thing. 

.And your start is HERE!

Take what you need and leave the rest for someone else!

Love Dee. ❤


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