My Story: Nobody But God!

If someone had told me 3 years ago, when all He!! was breaking loose in my life, that TODAY I would be watching my dreams manifest right before my eyes, I would have searched high and low for the nearest “stupid stick” to wack the crazy right out of them.
In 2014, there was no way I would’ve believed that I would be this happy, content, and filled with hope for the future.

In fact, I was sure that I was destined to stay balled up on the floor, in the dark while reeling from some of the biggest losses of my life forever.  While there were many in that year, I can easily declare that losing my mother to Cancer was the capstone of my anguish.

Nothing in the world can prepare you for a loss that significant.  Especially when it’s someone so familiar with you that they could finish your sentences.  Or they could make you laugh so hard that you’d nearly choke on your sip of soda.

My mom’s fight with Cancer was long and hard…  She did all she could to stick around to be a part of her new grandson’s life.  But she got tired and she must’ve known that her eternal rest with God was so much better than any healing to be sought after on this side.  (Yes, my mom was a Jesus girl too – In fact, she taught me how to worship and love God.)

While I watched, little by little, the most engaged person in my life prepare for her journey Home, I thought I was ready.  I thought I had accepted the inevitable.

But I wasn’t ready…(I’m still not)  I wasn’t ready to say “see ya in the morning” for the last time to my life-long bestie.  Nor was I ready to accept any of it or the other losses I experienced that surrounded her transition.

…That’s how I ended up on the floor, in the dark.

The pain was too much and ONLY the Power of God was strong enough to lift me.

It wasn’t my 5 month old son…
It wasn’t my attentive husband…
It wasn’t even all the well intentioned people who supported me…

Nobody but God!  His LOVE was the only something that could reach me.  His compassion, truth, and security was the only foundation that I felt sure enough to stand on.

So in a nutshell that’s how I became the unexpected, supernaturally appointed champion for the Love of God.  On the floor in the dark, swollen eyes, was the start of my race to reach women all across the GLOBE to share with them the depth, height, width and breadth of God’s love for them.

Unconditional. Perfect. Everlasting.  LOVE!

I am persuaded that only God can take us from a pit of pain, fear, and frustration to a hilltop of JOY, contentment, and peace. Only His love can take the messes of our lives and transmute them into messages of compassion, faith, and hope.

Three years ago, I couldn’t see my way, but God saw me.  He allowed me to survive the hardest season of my life just so that I could tell others of the One who has done the miraculous in Christ so that they could LIVE IN the Love that has always been theirs to enjoy.

Whatever you may be going through TODAY doesn’t necessarily have to be your tomorrow.   God sees you and there is no place that His love cannot reach you and soothe the ache of life’s breakdowns.

Enjoy His Love today!


Take what you need and leave the rest for someone else!

Love Dee. ❤


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