Read This if You Want to be Happier and Feel Less Stressed!

I don’t profess to be any kind of  “Happy Life Guru”, but I have recently learned that much (not all) of my stress and unhappiness lately came from my covert desire to make others happy and “Ok”.

That’s a pretty difficult job description to fulfill.  In fact, I’ve learned that it’s nearly impossible.
My default tendency to be a perfectionist who always had to “be on” and who had to fix the lives of others was exhausting.  I felt that in order to feel validated, loved, and accepted, I had to control, manage, and anticipate the feelings and reactions of others.
This way of life made my shoulders ache, my anxiousness increase, and my schedule jammed packed.
But lo and behold, I got a revelation!  For the first time in life, I heard that I don’t have the power, nor the obligation, to “make people” happy, make people” like me, or “make people” approve of my being. 
I tell you the truth, THAT notion was a complete shock to my system. 
Just accepting that small shift, yet powerful limitation, flew smack dab in the face of nearly everything that I had learned and interpreted to be true about who I am and what my role was in life.
When I deeply internalized that truth, it was as if something unlocked within.
A weight of unmentioned burdens, stress, and heaviness lifted – almost instantly.
I suddenly felt happier!
So, in the flow of happiness, I figured I would share a bit of the state of mind that I adopted and still practice daily to remind me of this CRITICAL life principle to feel happier and more STRESS-FREE.   (…Even when things go “cray cray” or life throws a curve ball – to me .)
—-Take what you need for yourself, and leave the rest for someone else. –
I am not wired to control people, only myself.  It is not my job to manage the opinions, interpretations, feelings, or behaviors of others.
I use my capacity to be responsible for ME.
I am grateful that I get to influence, support, and/or offer suggestions to others when and IF I can.
Yet, I am cautious not to drown, get swamped, or lose my footing by “rescuing, saving, or fixing” other people’s “stuff”.
I use my capacity to take care of ME.
I love people enough to allow space for them to learn and grow, just as I am learning and growing.
I love myself enough to hold space for them to run their own race – and see God as their answer – not me.
I am not God, so I don’t pretend.
I use my capacity to love ME.
I find that I am happier when I discern the appropriate season to detach or embrace, in love and peace.
I find that I am happier when I trust that God can do a better job of answering others than I can.
I find that I am happier when I know my limitations and trust God with what I can’t control.
I use my capacity to trust God, for my life and the lives of those I encounter.
Say more by commenting below and tell me what part of this resonates with you.
You are loved more than you were ever taught to believe!

Take what you need and leave the rest for someone else!

Love Dee. ❤


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