IT’S SPRING SEASON! …So it’s Time to Grow Up!

IT’S SPRING SEASON!  …So it’s Time to Grow Up!

One of the biggest pivots that took place in my life was when I EXPERIENCED the POWER of surrounding myself with people who knew more me!

Whether they were more learned in the things of God, health, marriage, parenthood, money, self-love, etc… I get a new outlook to ponder when I share space with people who can teach, train and hold me accountable to act/believe according to what I say that I REALLY want/need for my life.

Some of my “mentors” are college grads while others are high school dropouts. Some of them I connect within private spaces, while others I read their books or pop in my earbuds and dive into their courses.

My point is this: You Don’t Have to Know It All! There are people who can short circuit and propel you in all kinds of life seasons. It’s OK to take yourself on and grow from where you are while locking arms with someone else who’s “been there and done that”.

Here’s My Approach to Growing Up:

I get real honest with myself about what I “wish” was different in my life (Step 1). Then I LOOK for others who know a blueprint to help me build the skills/experiences that I want (Step 2). Afterward, I sacrifice what I need to (social life, tv time, money, effort, hotel rooms, flights, etc.) to put in the work to implement their suggestions (Step 3).

Along the way, I have been honored to connect with SO MANY beautiful souls from all around the world (UK, South Africa, China, etc.) who inspire me (…and agitate me) to think BIGGER, be willing to TRY, and then KEEP TRYING to reach my goals even when I mess up or get “stuck in my head”.

Sure, sometimes Holy Spirit tells me one-on-one how to “fix it”, but often He leads me to someone else who is READY with answers to my questions.

I can’t lie, for me, that requires BRAVERY! It takes being brave enough to:

  • *admit what you don’t know
  • *tell the TRUTH about what you need and want
  • *open up and let someone else “know you” and your gaps
  • *be willing to try something different

And for me being BRAVE was kinda the hard part.

I believed that I was supposed to ALREADY KNOW how/what to, and that if I didn’t, that meant I was inferior in some way… #lies

I believed that I had to “protect” myself from others who would somehow try to take advantage of my vulnerability or ignorance. #survivalStrategy

I believed that I wasn’t allowed to admit my own needs/wants because I had to “be” and do what others wanted me to be/do – Otherwise, they would take their love/like away. #LimitingBelief

This fear-based existence is what locks us up from experiencing ABUNDANCE and ALL the “fat of the land” that God created for us – that’s hiding in plain sight.

That’s why I say it takes BRAVERY!

Now, I have not yet “arrived”. Nor do I have it all figured out!

But what I do know is this:

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:” (1 John: 4:18a)

So, I continue to seek out & EMBRACE “Communities”, mentors, and I discern are in SEASON for me to learn, re-learn, and grow.

The Lesson in Growing Up:

Be willing to RECEIVE in as much as you give. Benefit from the wisdom and experiences of those who are willing to SHARE themselves with you. People can help you! Don’t do life/business alone. It’s too hard, and unnecessary.

Take what you need for yourself, and leave the rest for someone else. 

Love Dee! 

Take what you need and leave the rest for someone else!

Love Dee. ❤


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