Business Friends are Necessary: Stop Walking Alone – Be Supported.

You were attracted here for a reason.
If you are a Christian woman who has a DEEP burning in your bones to partner with God to heal, help, restore, and make a huge impact on the world, then it’s absolutely no coincidence that you’re reading this.
I teach Christian women a Step-by-Step blueprint on HOW TO create a Christ-centered, 6-figure business using the DIVINE gifts and skills they already have so that they can ENJOY MORE financial abundance and make a positive impact on the world.
(…Without compromising their relationship with Christ or struggling with abundance blocks .)

I have spoken to over 200+ Christian women about their businesses and nearly ALL of them complain about the same things:

  • feeling stuck in jobs where they’re overworked and underpaid. (Some even feel like an eagle locked in a chicken’s coop.)
  • tired of being the world’s best-kept secret because they are confused about HOW TO “get out there” and attract those who need them.
  • wanting to STEP OUT and share their gifts with the world, but they can’t seem to shake the weight of insecurity, fear, and just not feeling good enough.
  • undercharging for their services or giving their services/products away for FREE because they’re afraid of coming across as money-hungry or greedy.
  • lying awake at night with racing thoughts and wondering WHEN their bank account will start reflecting all of their hard work – meanwhile their business seems more like an expensive hobby because it’s costing more money than what it’s BRING IN!
  • wasting time combing the internet looking for the ultimate solution to getting MORE clients, MORE revenue, and MORE exposure to the right audience – only to feel a sense of information overload, and no REAL strategy or plan of action.
  • dreading sales and marketing because they don’t want to seem “pushy or salesy”,
  • feeling disappointed when they market to their friends and family in hopes that they will “support them” enough to help them get started, only to get little to no revenue or feedback from them.
  • feeling alone and “Stuck” in their business because no one in their immediate circle supports, encourages, or motivates their dreams and SCARY goals.


From beautifully gifted and HIGHLY ANOINTED women who are struggling to take their place in the world.
So you’re not alone!
In fact, there is a whole tribe of women just like you who are busy doing the REAL WORK to:
  • create generational wealth and financial abundance to BUILD UP the works of the Kingdom of God and share their blessings with others.
  • transmute abundance blocks that are keeping them broke, struggling, and tolerating what they don’t want in their life.
  • re-program toxic and harmful beliefs about themselves, others, life, and God so they can FINALLY allow the trapped eagle within to soar to new heights.
  • re-discover their DIVINE purpose and take precise action steps towards fulfilling their life’s assignment.
(I’m not kidding! These women are absolutely AMAZING!)
Why do this business journey alone? Get into a community with others who are on the same path as you are.

Join in and hang out with us. We’d love to share space with you and support you to your greatness. Here’s a link to join my FREE private community –>

Dee Bryant, Creator & Founder of
If the private group is not your thing, I have some other resources and opportunities for you to get what you need for your journey.
Click the links below to learn more:

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Dee Bryant, Jesus Lover. Wife. Mom. Mentor.
Online business and mindset training for Christian women coaches, consultants, mentors, and entrepreneurs. Learn how to earn consistent 5-figure months in your online coaching or mentoring business, even if you’re just getting started!
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