HOW TO Stop Telling Your Money To “RUN

HOW TO Stop Telling Your Money To “RUN AWAY!”

I was just sitting here thinking…

Have you ever set a big, hairy, audacious goal and didn’t achieve it? Then you beat yourself up, wondering what you did wrong? You’re left feeling defeated and start to question your pricing, your marketing and sometimes even your own skill.

I’ve been there!

And what I’ve found to be true is that you can be DOING all the right things, but doing them in the wrong “spirit”. For instance, if you’re trying to market, write copy, sell, or build your funnel but you’re struggling with toxic emotional states like:
• fear of failure
• fear of rejection
• fear of criticism
• fear that it won’t work
• fear that you’ll be judged
and on and on…

then you’re basically “telling” your money to RUN AWAY!
And what’s even worse is that many women I know have NO IDEA how to fix this dilemma.

Oh yes! Praying, reading the Bible, going to church, and all those other GOOD routines may help. But many of you already doing those things, and yet deep down inside you STILL feel scared, “stuck” and confused.

Meanwhile, your business is stagnant… Little to no cash flow is coming in… and that only adds to your fear and doubt.
Again, I’ve been there!

As a woman who grew up in poverty, addicted parents, codependency, and emotional and spiritual abuse it took A WHOLE MORE than just 2 Degrees, awesome ads, and a working funnel to get traction in my businesses.


I go deeper into all of this in my latest training.

If you want to learn HOW I was able to quit my job, while on my hospital bed, and make 6-figures in my FIRST YEAR – without compromising my relationship with Christ… click here

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