How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: It’s Not Your Fault

The moment you start comparing yourself to someone else, thank God for the RED FLAG warning you about the deep-seated blocks within you that will stop at nothing to undermine all your hard work.

That’s why you HAVE to pluck out that stuff! You’ve got to get the REAL tools to re-wire your brain to accept your magnificence & beautiful destiny. You need the daily practices that will help you to STOP arguing with God about how He’s created you – And start embracing YOU as a gift to this world.

Living beneath your calling, compromising, playing small, procrastinating, making excuses, complaining, and feeling like life’s victim are all CHOICES.

My suggestion: Learn HOW TO choose differently!

For many of us, choosing life, hope, abundance, HIGH expectations, self-love, etc. is not a default. Many of us have been trained to believe we were inferior, not enough, and more of a problem than a blessing.

So it’s not your fault that you feel stuck.
But it is your fault if you CHOOSE to stay that way.

If you don’t know what to do, admit it.
Then be brave and ask for help!
Lastly, allow someone to support YOU for a change!

You’re one distinction away from actually experiencing what you REALLY want… More Impact, A Better Lifestyle, and More Income!

Let me help you CONFIDENTLY pull the pieces together, FOR FREE!: http://www.womanyouareloved/apply

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