WRITE THE VISION: Not the Business Plan.

WRITE THE VISION: Not the Business Plan… (Yet!)

For those of you who attended the “5 Action Steps to Package, Market, and Sell Your Knowledge and Expertise” masterclass, you might remember me telling you to “Ditch Your Business Plan” (…at least for now)

(If you missed the training, go here to get the replay >> bit.ly/5StepsBlueprint)

From my experience, a business plan takes way too long to write and is a bit cumbersome to change, especially when you’re just getting started… (Believe me, it almost always needs to be changed once you get out there and get more feedback from your audience).

That’s why I recommend that you take some time to WRITE your vision and then decide what do you need next to bring it together and make it all happen.

Here are some questions that I think will get you started:

1. Who are you seeking to serve?
2. What problem(s) do you solve? (Hint: this is not the same as your program’s features, bells, and whistles.)
3. Where can you find them?
5. How are you going to help them?
6. Why are you the one they should hire to fix it?

Remember, Habakkuk 2:2 – Write the vision and MAKE IT PLAIN!

I know for some of you just starting, or revamping, this part can be a bit confusing and messy.

So I’ve reserved some time on my calendar if you need some help thinking it through and ironing out some of the details…

Here’s my calendar to reserve a time that’s good for you >> http://www.womanyouareloved.com/apply

No Charge. It’s 100% Absolutely FREE!

But you have to jump on this now, while space is still available.

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