5 Things You Should NEVER Do If You Want

5 Things You Should NEVER Do If You Want to Make Money Online.

1. DON’T add people to your email list without their permission. (Its almost like you’re FORCING them to be a part of your business/movement. #nofun)

2. DON’T set your “service fees” according to what someone is charging. (Stop comparing yourself to others. Charge YOUR worth… not theirs)

3. DON’T plagiarize or steal someone else’ work. (Not only is this absolutely illegal, but it also doesn’t convert well because its not YOUR voice and YOUR message. — Oh! And don’t forget, we also reap what we sow.)

4. DON’T add people to your social media groups without their permission. (Read #1 again)

5. DON’T expect your friends and family to buy from you. (Maybe they will… Most times they won’t. Use a solid, and PROVEN, marketing and sales strategy so that you can get paying customers/clients whenever you need to)

The truth is, you shouldn’t HAVE TO do any of these things if you have a simple, straightforward blueprint that will help you avoid all of these BIG NO-NO’s!

I’ve got plenty of insight and experience on what you CAN DO that will help you get started or revamp your online coaching business with EASE and authenticity.

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I’m going to share with you my Christ-centered, easy to follow, recipe for online success… FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE!

It’ll be the BEST 60 mins. you’ve ever spent working on your business…AND did I say it was FREE?… 😍

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