Survival to Success: How to Up-Level Your Money BEFORE 2020

The way I teach money creation is based on 4 LEVELS. Here are the levels:

💜Level 1 Survival. Not having enough money for your basic needs each month. It looks like disconnection notices, homelessness, repossessions, “robbong Peter to pay Paul”, etc.

💜💜Level 2 Scarcity. Living paycheck to paycheck with hardly anything left over. One unexpected expense can put you right back to survival level 1.

💜💜💜Level 3 Surplus. You can pay for all your monthly needs with extra to save, invest, give, and/or enjoy leisure.

💜💜💜💜Level 4 Success. 6-12 months savings, investment portfolio, debt-free, retirement funded, legacy trusts and/or money is not object for you.

The key to upleveling your cash flow is, you must FIRST tell the truth about which level you’re on. (Without the harsh judgments or condemnation. Just based on facts. Ok?)

Then, BE willing to do something different. That might look like, admitting what you don’t know or raising your hand to ask for help to move to the next level.

What I have found to be true is that staying at any of these levels is a CHOICE. We can CHOOSE to keep the same ways and thought patterns that got us to our current level.

– Or we can CHOOSE to upgrade our thinking, behavior, and daily routines to move higher where there’s more freedom, impact, and income.

The choice is ultimately yours.

I’m here if you need to talk more about SPECIFIC steps to up-level your money and mindset. There’s no cost for these calls… It’s my Love Offering to you. Here’s my availability of you want to talk:

It’s TIME! Let’s end 2019 how we want to start the NEW YEAR! 💜

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